Founder: Pika Sen

Pika graduated from Flinders University in Adelaide, South Australia in Speech Pathology in June 1994. She immediately commenced work at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore managing a paediatric and adult caseload.

Always on the lookout for a challenge, Pika accepted a position at National University Hospital where she gained experience with a wide variety of children's speech and language disorders. She soon discovered that her niche (and her heart!) was in working with children's communication disorders and she began specialising. She completed her Masters Degree in Health Care Management from the University of Wales in 1999.

In August 1998, she set up The Speech Pathology Centre, a private practice where she treated a wide variety of children's communication disorders in her trademark small group delivery format. The practice ran successfully evolving into a transdisciplinary centre of excellence until June 2017.

Pika was the Director of the very successful Excelerate V.2 Program from June 2002 to June 2017. This evidence-based early intervention programme was specifically formulated for children aged between 18 months - 6 years with developmental delays/disorders and autism spectrum disorders. The intensive, daily therapy program conducted in a simulated preschool environment had outstanding outcomes in terms of integrating children into mainstream learning environments for 15 years until June 2017.

Imagine-If is Pika's latest re-invention of the practice of evidence-based speech therapy services. Officially opening in November 2018, this boutique set-up has been lovingly designed and curated to provide an optimal learning environment for children with speech, language, educational and voice challenges. Again, bringing her unique perspective, 25 years of experience and 15 years of parenting to the mix, Pika has tailored yet another original set of beneficial therapy programs for children.

Pika is a Consultant Speech-Language Therapist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council, Singapore.