My husband and I found Imagine If Bespoke Education Experience online from a Google search. I did this because after 3 months of speech therapy, Warren got no where, not acquiring new language and not gaining at all. I was constantly pulling him out from his daycare to drive him to his speech therapist, and it took a big toll on all of us, without any results. When our pediatrician said we need to at least have 3 speech therapy sessions and 2 behaviour therapy sessions per week, I was at a loss on what to do. What? Am I suppose to drive him around everyday for a 1 hour session with a therapist all locked up in a tiny room? After we met Pika and Team and learned about the all day program at Imagine If, which includes speech therapy, educational therapy, behaviour therapy and a group of special developmental educators for preschool activities, we had no doubt this is the place for Warren.

The incredibly experienced therapists and their methodology in approaching our kid worked very well. We saw results even only after 2 days. Throughout our 1.5 year stay with Imagine If, Warren went from speaking 1 word sentences to 10 word sentences.

The comprehensive program allow therapists and educators to talk to each other, and parents don't have to drive their kids around to different location, creating more chaos, confusion, irritation and frustration.

Imagine If has an incredible team of therapists and educators with lots of experience. Warren has improved a lot and we just wish we had found it the first day we arrived in Singapore, and saved our agony of having to go through the traditional route of an isolated speech therapy session with a therapist enclosed in a tiny tiny room. We recommend Imagine If to children with a language, speech delay because daily intervention is the only way to make a difference. We are forever grateful of the amazing work Pika and Team has delivered. Warren still has areas of challenge but he is now school ready, primed, ready and eager to learn!!

Thank you!

Jenny & Sherk