Hello Pika and Team Imagine If,

As we head back to the US this Jan, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team for your dedication and support for the past year with Ayan.

We truly believe Team Imagine If is the best system with qualified therapists and educators that work with kids at an individual level vs. a one size fits all approach. Having an individualized curriculum access plan for Ayan provided a quality educational program balanced with an effective developmental approach.

It seems like yesterday we brought Ayan to Imagine If for his initial assessment in Nov 2018. Since then he has come a long way and we cannot thank the team enough for all their efforts, focus attention and coaching.

This was not only a journey for him but definitely helped us to be better parents. When we look back, Team Imagine If was the best thing that happened to us in Singapore.

We'll miss you all...
Eddie & Kanwal