We met Pika Sen at her office in Dec 2018 along with Asher. Asher felt he was not engaged and was trying to interrupt us by using the hand sanitizer dispenser. We kept telling him to stop doing that and he was not willing to listen. Pika wanted us to continue the conversation with her and not to get distracted by his behaviours. When we were almost done with our briefing of Asher, she said very confidently, she can help us. In my mind I was thinking she observed Asher misbehaving and not listening to anyone and how come she is so confident that she can manage and support him? We both were thrilled to start our Imagine If journey with Pika.

Asher started his journey on 6th Jan 2019 (Day 1), guess what all the sanitizer dispensers were emptied when he went near them. From then on, he knew what he should / should not do at Imagine If. Setting clear expectations and guiding him through the journey really helped him understand how to manage his behavior in a classroom set up. In a few weeks time, we noticed Asher was looking forward to the WhatsApp photos from Pika over the weekend and he was proud to talk about his friends and slowly started chit chatting with us on what his friends did in the school.

He also learnt a lot from his friends at Imagine If because of the Team's grouping. He was motivated to attend the daily sessions and also wanted us to buy colourful graphic tshirts and bag / water bottles just like his friends had. He loved the company of the Educators and friends and we saw a happy Asher walking out of Imagine If everyday till December 2019 and it was time for Asher now to move to his mainstream school.

We really appreciate the efforts put in by Pika and the Team in preparing Asher and giving him all the confidence to start his next phase of school life. Asher still fondly remembers all his friends from Imagine If!

Mary Sari (Asher's Mum)