Hi Pika!

It's been a while since we have had any communication, but I think about you often and praise you & your work to anyone who will listen. ( :

It's hard to believe that five years ago, I walked into your office with my non-verbal 18 month old and began a relationship that has become life changing for Blake, myself and the rest of our family. The education your program provided me and the building blocks you put into place for Blake, as well as the amazing support and therapy, changed the direction of his life.

Since we left Singapore, we have had many trial's and triumphs as well as many therapists'. I have always drawn from the information and education you provided, to continue Blake on the path you set up for him. In an attempt to mimic your program, I created multiple speech therapy appointments a week (to keep up on the intensity), found a PROMPT certified therapist and started him with an OT several times a week, after acknowledging sensory seeking behavior (I wouldn't have known anything about had you not taught me).

One of the hardest parts of leaving your program was the direct access to your knowledge and the education you always provided me with. That has been so detrimental in our journey. Unfortunately, I have learned, not everyone is qualified or vested in your child and their future - which is why I can appreciate those who are, so much more.

Almost two years ago, Blake was diagnosed with Aspergers (or "High Functioning Autism" - whatever the proper term is today). I wasn't expecting it, at all, so it was quite a shock at first. His speech had taken off, and he was completely verbal, but his sensory issues were getting more intense, his behaviors were odd and there was a list of other concerns. He had come so far, but was testing out of speech, his current OT wasn't making progress and had no explanation as to why he had certain behaviors. I was at my lowest point. I had no one to help me, guide me or educate me. No one understood where Blake had come from, since we had recently moved to another state and these therapist were making me feel like I was crazy and Blake was just fine. It was the most difficult time in this journey. I was alone, unsupported and afraid I was going to fail my child, after achieving so much. I then learned about a Doctor you could take your child to, who helped evaluate all aspects of your child and helped you figure out what was going on. I called to get the appointment and four months later, we drove three hours away to The Pittsburgh Children's Hospital to see a Pediatric Developmental Specialist/Neurologist.

She looked at me and said, "I don't want you to wait. I want you to keep going. I truly believe that, had Blake NOT gone through that program in Singapore, and had you not continued in the intensity of his therapies, you would be looking at a different child. Don't stop now. Keep it up. I want you to keep doing what you have been. "

Her comment gave me the chills. Who would Blake be today, if we had not walked in your office and you saw something Pika? I had been to another speech therapist and pediatrician prior to you in Singapore, who both told me Blake would be fine and to 'wait and see'.

"He is a success story. He is truly a success story. Go home and enjoy him."

Sometimes, when I see other kids in the waiting room at therapy, I feel bad that they didn't have the same opportunities as Blake has had- not because their parents love them any less, but because their parents weren't educated by the right people.

You have started an amazing program that changes people's lives. As busy as life has become with a six and three year old, this has also given me the opportunity to check in with you guys, give you a follow-up on Blake and where he is at, and express my gratitude again, for changing our lives.

Please feel free to use this letter or share Blake's story with anyone that can use the assurance that your program is legitimately life changing. Thank you for investing in Blake and myself. It was time and energy well spent.

I hope you and your family are doing well and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take Care,
Michelle Sedgwick