Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The imagine if difference

Aided by 15 years of parenting to augment my 25 years of professional skills, I can help develop an actionable plan towards realistic solutions to improve your child’s communication, literacy, cognition (thinking skills) and voice by using proven speech therapy and teaching techniques. I have helped many children with verbal dyspraxia, speech and language delays, dyslexia, dysgraphia, intellectual impairment, ADHD and executive dysfunction. Many of the children I help have a diagnosis of Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Down syndrome, traumatic brain injury, brain tumours, cerebral palsy, developmental delay or neurodevelopment┬ádisorders.

That’s why people come to me. I’ve built my reputation offering private speech therapy for children, helping families find solutions to improve their child’s communication, cognitive skills and voice skills for nearly 25 years. I’ve done the research and worked with many hundreds of families. I am only biased from my experiences helping others who have been in a situation similar to yours.

With my experience and commitment to evidence-based therapy practices, I will utilize only research supported approaches to speech therapy, with an emphasis on achieving meaningful outcomes.

At Imagine If, you can move forward with confidence knowing I will use the most effective techniques and strategies to achieve success with your child.

Pika Sen