Early Intervention

Early Intervention

Bespoke Education Experience

Personalized, Inclusive, Transformative, Unique.

These four concepts underpin everything we do at Imagine If.

Set up as a boutique centre of excellence and innovation, Imagine If provides a bespoke education to each child who has the opportunity to learn with us. If you are looking for an education to fit your child which allows their personalities to be unfolded, rather than molded, you’ve found the right place.

Created and implemented by a Speech-Language Therapist with 25 years of experience, Imagine If has a heavy communication, speech, language and social focus. Combining the best communication strategies for children of all ages and stages and embedding them into functional learning situations for maximum efficacy, Imagine If is a brand-new concept in education delivery.

Our spaces are learner-centric environments carefully curated to achieve a balance of flexibility and structure that can be adapted to each child’s particular personality and needs.

Learning isn’t linear, and all children don’t learn the same way. And yet, most traditional models of education take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to learning. At Imagine If, we empower children to achieve their goals by helping them define their own paths -because every child’s journey to success is truly their own.

Imagine If’s whole-child integrated approach to education prepares them to navigate their way in a rapidly changing world, as they develop and demonstrate competency in critical habits for the future such as

  • collaboration
  • socialization
  • executive functioning
  • thinking skills
  • problem-solving
  • communication
  • mental stamina
  • physical stamina
  • auditory processing
  • attentional regulation and
  • emotional regulation.
    We focus heavily on the functionality of learning, ensuring that learner’s days with us are filled with contextualized, meaningful activities and interactions with both our Educators and peers. Peer-to-peer inter-actions are a priority focus for collaboration and working together since peer relationships continue throughout our lifetime.

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