For Vocal, Singing, Acting, Choral Students

What is Voice Therapy?

Voice therapy is intervention to teach vocal hygiene, rebalance vocal subsystems in the presence of an injury, and to prevent any further vocal injuries. Voice therapy teaches your child how to produce voice in the optimum way.

How do I know if my child requires Voice Therapy?

If your child is a professional voice user, it is important to keep their voice in good working order. Professional voice users are not just child singers, actors and auditionees but prefects, team leaders, choristers, sports captains and children attending musical theatre or performance-based music classes.

Your child might need voice therapy if they are experiencing any of the following

  • Hoarseness that won’t go away
  • Vocal cord nodules, polyps or cysts
  • Vocal Cord Dysfunction (mimics asthma and is often misdiagnosed)
  • Vocal cord paralysis or paresis
  • Spasmodic Dysphonia
  • Loss in range of singing voice or other singing voice issues
  • Chronic cough or clearing of the throat
  • Pain or fatigue when speaking or singing
  • Loss of voice when speaking or singing
  • A voice that is just not normal sounding to you or others

Be Proactive

You may want to be pro-active in protecting your child’s long-term vocal health especially if they use their voice more than the average child e.g., singing lessons, vocal competitions, acting, participation in musical theatre productions whether amateur or professional, sports team captains, choristers or emceeing shows. A one-time session of voice evaluation and therapy would be a wise investment in your child’s long-term vocal health.

The imagine if Difference

If voice therapy is indicated based on our evaluations or based on referrals from other professionals, a highly tailored voice therapy service will be provided at Imagine-If to ensure an optimal outcome. Therapy will be conducted in a one-to-one setting to address your child’s specific voice concerns. The most important objective of having your child attend voice therapy sessions at Imagine-If, is to ensure that we impart real, functional vocal strategies that will keep your child’s voice in good shape for years to come. Real results take patience and the desire to problem-solve to get to the crux of your child’s issues. Once we understand your child’s issues fully, progress will be natural and ongoing since we will address the heart of the matter.

Investment (Based on Therapist's Recommendations)

SGD $350 – 90-minute individual weekly sessions (children aged 5 and above)

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