The Home School
Away From Home

Mainstream education has become increasingly impersonal and tends to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Home schooling is a growing preference, the world over, but does come with some concerns regarding socialisation, knowledge development and discipline. Imagine If sits perfectly between traditional schooling and home schooling by bridging these gaps. We are the ‘Home School Away from Home’.

We grow thinkers, creators, disruptors, risk takers and change makers.

For too long, education has seeped into binary mindsets of passing and failing. We want to change that. We want to influence education systems to refocus on what education is truly for.

An alternative learning experience

At Imagine lf, we encourage interest-based learning and optimising each learner’s potential. We want to give each learner the space they need to be in awe of life’s possibilities and help curate the flowpaths to achieve their aspirations.

Education is not meant to grade. It’s meant to inspire.

At Imagine lf, every step is curated based on careful assessment and growth is navigated systematically and developmentally. Mastery of each subject is scaled to the learner’s level and not to “arbitrary standards”.

Inclusion is not just a buzz word! It’s a framework of education at Imagine If.

We are truly inclusive in every sense of the word. Our assessments are for the purpose of curating the right resources for the learner to flourish and not to exclude them. We embrace the diversity in learning because we seek to uncover each learner’s own unique greatness.

We can:

Replace traditional school


Supplement traditional school

A well resourced and highly skilled approach

We bring together skilled practitioners combined with the judicious use of technology to form the primary learning framework. We imbue practical learning opportunities into each learning experience.

Nurturing Curiosity

We aim to be in continuous pursuit of curiosity. Learning as a goal is not restricted to a phase of school going years. Instead, we hope to inspire learners to give the learning process a full time role in their lives.


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