Primary Year FlowpathsTM

(7 to 12 Years)

Pillars For Success

The primary years of a learner’s education are a time of rapid maturity and major cognitive and character development. At Imagine If, we take the opportunity to shape these young minds very seriously by curating learning experiences across subjects, ensuring mastery of fundamental literacy and numeracy concepts, and keeping the focus on developing the mental muscle mindsets of growth, motivation, and self-awareness.

We thoroughly address all developmental, psycho-social, and academic domains by building your child’s bespoke curriculum. We will prepare them for the secondary education setting of your choice, whether local, international, homeschooling or our very own Imagine If Secondary Year Academic FlowPaths™.

*Students can be prepared for PSLE

Pika, you are so open-minded. Your invaluable effort in truly understanding Edward and his needs put him firmly on the path to success. He is thriving and enjoying the company of friends and siblings now, and he is reading and writing like his classmates in Grade 2. Couldn’t have asked for a better result…Thank you!

Ricky & Cathy, Imagine If Parent

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