BlendEdtm Learning

What is BlendEdTM Learning?

BlendEdTM learning combines technology with traditional face-to-face and educator-led classroom activities to give students more control over their learning. Our learners work on their subjects and activities independently or collaboratively. Whether it’s having classes online with their respective subject educators or working on their projects, each learner has the freedom to plan their schedules within a structured time frame we have given.

Employing the use of technology to combine in-person and online learning creates a richer learning experience for our learners. Pandemic or no pandemic, our learners can easily adapt to both online and face-to-face learning.

Imagine if is truly a unique experience that is hard to find anywhere in the world. My son has been with Pika and Teacher Wendy for more than 3 years. We feel lucky to have found you when we did, in a state of desperation and confusion. When we were struggling amid schools to see which one he could fit in. Your words “we will never say no to any child” and your principle of designing the school curriculum to fit the child gave us hope and comfort.

Xiaoyan Chan, Imagine If parent

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