Early Learning Experience

(14 Months to 6 Years)

Making New Connections Every Day!

Have you ever noticed how eager you are to learn about the subjects that capture your interest? It is exactly the same with children; whenever something sparks their interest, they soak up everything they can about it, quickly, deeply, and intensely. This learning lasts forever because it creates powerful emotional connections.

At Imagine If, our Educators listen out carefully for each child’s “WOW” of discovery and then go about setting the stage and creating the mood, subtly encouraging them to follow their inspiration.

We address all developmental and academic domains thoroughly. We will prepare your child for the primary education setting of your choice, whether local, international, homeschooling or our very own Imagine If Primary Years FlowPath™.

Imagine If’s services are unique to each child and family. It is not a one-size-fits-all programme. The Imagine If team take pride in their professionalism in curating bespoke programmes for every child in their care and seeing every child reach their highest potential and growth mindset. They are mindful in providing the best possible learning environment daily with a real human touch

LK Mong, Imagine If Parent

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