Meet the Team

Run by a transdisciplinary team of bespoke educators and led by an experienced Educationalist & Communication Specialist, Team Imagine If has the expertise to facilitate and guide children with practical, evidence-based strategies tailored to any learner. We will facilitate, guide, and shape each child’s progress towards their best self.

Our Educators

Pika Sen

Founder, Director & Consultant Educationalist

Imagine-If is Pika’s latest re-invention of the education space predicated on evidence-based pedagogy.

Officially opened in October 2018 and re-imagined in October 2021 this boutique set-up has been lovingly designed and curated to provide truly bespoke learning experiences for all learners – equipping them with the skills to learn anyhow, anytime from anyone. A pandemic-proof education like the one she crafted for her own children, now aged 18 and 13 years.

Bringing her unique perspective, 30 years of experience and 18 years of parenting to the mix, Pika has tailored yet another original set of beneficial learning experiences for all kind of minds from those with gifts and challenges and anywhere in between.

Pika is also a Consultant Speech-Language Therapist registered with the Allied Health Professions Council, Singapore.

Read more about Pika here.

Wendy New

Manager & Consultant
Developmental Educator

Wendy brings more than 25 years of early childhood experience to Imagine If. She has a slew of Special Commendation Awards under her belt and worked with the NIEC (ITE) campus for nearly a decade.

She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from University of South Australia (UNISa) and a Master’s Degree in Education (Special Education) from Nanyang Technological University Singapore (NTU).

As the Centre Manager and Consulting Educational Therapist, Wendy brings unparalleled expertise to Imagine If, having attained the highest membership of RETA (Register of Educational Therapists – Asia founded by Dyslexia Association of Singapore) as a Fellow Member.

She is very passionate about sharing her knowledge with aspiring practitioners and educators and has developed our Teacher Training arm at Imagine If, XPand TM.

Wendy also lectures at Singapore University of Social Science (SUSS) for the undergraduate course in Special Education as an Associate Lecturer

Hear more from Wendy here.


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