Our Mission

We are on a mission to truly create an education moulded to the child with real-world relevance, self-management,
and precision personalisation as the driving force behind the process of ‘becoming educated’.

The IMAGINE IF Approach

We are cultivating the next generation of lifelong learners who possess the relevant knowledge, the strength of character, creativity and drive necessary to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Team Imagine If puts learners at the centre of their own educational decisions by equipping them with the knowledge, skills and awareness to advocate for themselves. As agents of their own learning, learners at Imagine If are creating the change they want to see in the dynamic environments around them.

We use an eclectic mix of approaches in order to find the best fit for each learner. We may use a single approach or a combination of approaches in order to bring about the best results. Most importantly, we are flexible about the various learning methods, and constantly modify and adapt the approach to accommodate each learner’s particular personality, family, and community situation.

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