Secondary Years

(13+ Years)

Destination Discovery Years

The secondary years of a learner’s education are a time to hone on each learner’s aptitudes and bring them in alignment with their personal learning objectives. At Imagine If, we take the opportunity to shape these young minds very seriously by curating learning experiences across subject areas and developing grit, perseverance, self-evaluation, and sound decision-making skills.

We explore financial, health, and technological literacy as core subjects to ensure real-world skill sets are reinforced and mastered to aid the learner’s transition into adulthood. A strong focus on strategies to preserve and build on good mental health is maintained throughout the secondary years at IIBEE.

We thoroughly address all developmental, psycho-social, and academic domains by building the learner’s bespoke curriculum and prepare them for further studies or vocational opportunities.

*Students can be prepared for IGCSE, O-Levels, and A-Levels, or the US High School Diploma.

Imagine If takes a child-centric, customise-to-the-needs-of-each-child approach in everything they do. Pika Sen leads the team with her expertise, innovative approach, and a strong desire to make a difference to every child and that drives the positive energy of Imagine If. As a parent, I’d definitely recommend the Imagine If experience.

B Damodaran, Imagine If Parent

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