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We are safely back in the US and Jada has happily settled into the 2nd Grade in our hometown. I just wanted to drop you a line to say “thankyou” from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you did with Jada over the past 12 months in Singapore. Her reading and verbal communication skills have developed so much in just a year that she ‘tested out’ of speech therapy – they won’t provide it because she is doing too well. John and I would never have imagined that she could go from barely speaking to the chatty and confident little girl she is today. Many thanks to Dr Jai for recommending you too! You have our gratitude for life.
We will stay in touch.

Henrietta Marche

Pika, you are so open-minded. Your invaluable effort in truly understanding Edward and his needs put him firmly on the path to success.

He is thriving and enjoying the company of friends and siblings now and is reading and writing like his classmates in Grade 2.

Couldn’t have asked for a better result…thank you!

Ricky & Cathy (Edward's Parents)

Hello Pika and Team Imagine If,

As we head back to the US this Jan, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank the team for your dedication and support for the past year with Ayan.

We truly believe Team Imagine If is the best system with qualified therapists and educators that work with kids at an individual level vs. a one size fits all approach. Having an individualized curriculum access plan for Ayan provided a quality educational program balanced with an effective developmental approach.

It seems like yesterday we brought Ayan to Imagine If for his initial assessment in Nov 2018. Since then he has come a long way and we cannot thank the team enough for all their efforts, focus attention and coaching.

This was not only a journey for him but definitely helped us to be better parents. When we look back, Team Imagine If was the best thing that happened to us in Singapore.

We’ll miss you all…

Eddie & Kanwal

Just wanted to tell you that we went home to the UK after 1 year with you Pika and the little girl we brought back with us is SO different that her grandparents shed tears of happiness.

Ginny is talkative, sociable and understands so much more now. We have a chirpy, cheery little girl and we are so grateful to you.

Ming (Ginny's Mummy)

My husband and I found Imagine If Bespoke Education Experience online from a Google search. I did this because after 3 months of speech therapy, Warren got no where, not acquiring new language and not gaining at all. I was constantly pulling him out from his daycare to drive him to his speech therapist, and it took a big toll on all of us, without any results.

When our pediatrician said we need to at least have 3 speech therapy sessions and 2 behaviour therapy sessions per week, I was at a loss on what to do. What? Am I suppose to drive him around everyday for a 1 hour session with a therapist all locked up in a tiny room? After we met Pika and Team and learned about the all day program at Imagine If, which includes speech therapy, educational therapy, behaviour therapy and a group of special developmental educators for preschool activities, we had no doubt this is the place for Warren.

The incredibly experienced therapists and their methodology in approaching our kid worked very well. We saw results even only after 2 days. Throughout our 1.5 year stay with Imagine If, Warren went from speaking 1 word sentences to 10 word sentences.

The comprehensive program allow therapists and educators to talk to each other, and parents don’t have to drive their kids around to different location, creating more chaos, confusion, irritation and frustration.

Imagine If has an incredible team of therapists and educators with lots of experience. Warren has improved a lot and we just wish we had found it the first day we arrived in Singapore, and saved our agony of having to go through the traditional route of an isolated speech therapy session with a therapist enclosed in a tiny tiny room. We recommend Imagine If to children with a language, speech delay because daily intervention is the only way to make a difference. We are forever grateful of the amazing work Pika and Team has delivered. Warren still has areas of challenge but he is now school ready, primed, ready and eager to learn!!

Thank you!

Jenny & Sherk

Thank you Pika for your care and patience in helping Finn find his voice, I have seen a tremendous improvement in his motivation to produce sounds. He loves to come to see you and that is a reflection of your loving care… 

Laney (Finn's Mummy)

We chose to send our child to Imagine If because of the testimonials from parents such as this. We were told about the program by a friend,but reading the numerous testimonials put us at ease and got us excited for the possibilities for Nicholas. Also, we gained a lot of insight from our initial assessment with the Team, that gave us more confidence that we were doing the right thing.

Our ability to reach out to Pika and the Team with challenges we have with Nicholas and they are always willing to give us advice/input. Our helper that picks Nicholas up in the afternoon has also spoken to them and gotten suggestions. It is great to feel like there is a community with our son’s well-being as a priority.

We are so happy to have our little boy communicating with us! Nicholas is 3 and a half and began when he was 2 years 2 months.

Thank you so much Team!

Nicolas's Parents

Thank you for everything that you’ve done for Charlie, he has blossomed in every way, socially and language wise and is doing so much better in school. What a relief…we are so happy… 

Jeffrey (Charlie's dad)

We met Pika Sen at her office in Dec 2018 along with Asher. Pika felt he was not engaged and was trying to interrupt us by using the hand sanitizer dispenser. We kept telling him to stop doing that and he was not willing to listen. Pika wanted us to continue the conversation with her and not to get distracted by his behaviours. When we were almost done with our briefing of Asher, she said very confidently, she can help us. In my mind I was thinking she observed Asher misbehaving and not listening to anyone and how come she is so confident that she can manage and support him? We both were thrilled to start our Imagine If journey with Pika.

Asher started his journey on 6th Jan 2019 (Day 1), guess what all the sanitizer dispensers were emptied when he went near them. From then on, he knew what he should / should not do at Imagine If. Setting clear expectations and guiding him through the journey really helped him understand how to manage his behavior in a classroom set up. In a few weeks time, we noticed Asher was looking forward to the WhatsApp photos from Pika over the weekend and he was proud to talk about his friends and slowly started chit chatting with us on what his friends did in the school.

He also learnt a lot from his friends at Imagine If because of the Team’s grouping. He was motivated to attend the daily sessions and also wanted us to buy colourful graphic tshirts and bag / water bottles just like his friends had. He loved the company of the Educators and friends and we saw a happy Asher walking out of Imagine If everyday till December 2019 and it was time for Asher now to move to his mainstream school.

We really appreciate the efforts put in by Pika and the Team in preparing Asher and giving him all the confidence to start his next phase of school life. Asher still fondly remembers all his friends from Imagine If!

Mary Sari (Asher's Mum)

Hi Pika!

It’s been a while since we have had any communication, but I think about you often and praise you & your work to anyone who will listen. ( :

It’s hard to believe that five years ago, I walked into your office with my non-verbal 18 month old and began a relationship that has become life changing for Blake, myself and the rest of our family. The education your program provided me and the building blocks you put into place for Blake, as well as the amazing support and therapy, changed the direction of his life.

Since we left Singapore, we have had many trial’s and triumphs as well as many therapists’. I have always drawn from the information and education you provided, to continue Blake on the path you set up for him. In an attempt to mimic your program, I created multiple speech therapy appointments a week (to keep up on the intensity), found a PROMPT certified therapist and started him with an OT several times a week, after acknowledging sensory seeking behavior (I wouldn’t have known anything about had you not taught me).

One of the hardest parts of leaving your program was the direct access to your knowledge and the education you always provided me with. That has been so detrimental in our journey. Unfortunately, I have learned, not everyone is qualified or vested in your child and their future – which is why I can appreciate those who are, so much more.

Almost two years ago, Blake was diagnosed with Aspergers (or “High Functioning Autism” – whatever the proper term is today). I wasn’t expecting it, at all, so it was quite a shock at first. His speech had taken off, and he was completely verbal, but his sensory issues were getting more intense, his behaviors were odd and there was a list of other concerns. He had come so far, but was testing out of speech, his current OT wasn’t making progress and had no explanation as to why he had certain behaviors. I was at my lowest point. I had no one to help me, guide me or educate me. No one understood where Blake had come from, since we had recently moved to another state and these therapist were making me feel like I was crazy and Blake was just fine. It was the most difficult time in this journey. I was alone, unsupported and afraid I was going to fail my child, after achieving so much. I then learned about a Doctor you could take your child to, who helped evaluate all aspects of your child and helped you figure out what was going on. I called to get the appointment and four months later, we drove three hours away to The Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital to see a Pediatric Developmental Specialist/Neurologist.

She looked at me and said, “I don’t want you to wait. I want you to keep going. I truly believe that, had Blake NOT gone through that program in Singapore, and had you not continued in the intensity of his therapies, you would be looking at a different child. Don’t stop now. Keep it up. I want you to keep doing what you have been. “

Her comment gave me the chills. Who would Blake be today, if we had not walked in your office and you saw something Pika? I had been to another speech therapist and pediatrician prior to you in Singapore, who both told me Blake would be fine and to ‘wait and see’.

“He is a success story. He is truly a success story. Go home and enjoy him.”

Sometimes, when I see other kids in the waiting room at therapy, I feel bad that they didn’t have the same opportunities as Blake has had- not because their parents love them any less, but because their parents weren’t educated by the right people.

You have started an amazing program that changes people’s lives. As busy as life has become with a six and three year old, this has also given me the opportunity to check in with you guys, give you a follow-up on Blake and where he is at, and express my gratitude again, for changing our lives.

Please feel free to use this letter or share Blake’s story with anyone that can use the assurance that your program is legitimately life changing. Thank you for investing in Blake and myself. It was time and energy well spent.

I hope you and your family are doing well and look forward to hearing from you soon.

Take Care,

Michelle Sedgwick